Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPad 2 Accessories: Smart Cover, HDMI cable and iPad 2 Dock

The Colossus of Cupertino stuffing the launch of the new iPad 2 with many useful and trendy, with which to appreciate the potential of second-generation Apple tablet.

With the launch of iPad 2, Apple also reveals several new accessories that enrich the technological and aesthetic. One proposal leading to the Cupertino giant is, without doubt, Smart Cover. This is not a simple protective cover but contains in itself many features to represent the point of attachment to open the Steve Jobs presentation. Made from special materials that make it sturdy and subtle at the same time, this cover is distributed in different colors and crisp and has a microfiber lining.

The real news is a series of magnets through which Smart Cover is aligned perfectly to the aluminum structure of iPad 2. Installation is quite simple: Smart Cover fits easily in the wake of the device without requiring special skills. Do not stop there: through a special construction technique, Apple has managed to make this case folding on itself and capable of assuming different forms.

For example, it could become in the blink of an eye, a real support for your tablet and then, soon after regaining custody. Smart Cover, without requiring pressing any button can activate iPad 2 when it opens fully automatically. Likewise, the closure, the tablet will be disabled. Apple also introduced an innovative AV adapter through which you can connect your tablet to external high-definition television via HDMI display by activating the mirroring and transferring the audio signal.

Besides this, a second connector deals charging the device. Also compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone 4, the adapter can be bought at a price of about $ 39. Those who want to connect the camera to a tablet, you may use iPad Camera Connection Kit that uses either the USB port or the schedaSD in which photos are stored. Interesting news also iPad 2 Dock, an innovative basis by which you can not just reload the tablet, but also to synchronize and connect it to a set of speakers to play audio content. The dock is specially designed to accommodate the subtle forms the Apple iPad 2.

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